Mahou Liga Chapas

With its innovative online gaming system, Mahou Liga Chapas is one of the most entertaining football games on Facebook and one of the most effective Social Media campaigns developed in Spain.


The sport of football is an area heavily exploited by brands and as a result, it’s highly competitive regarding brand association and the return on investments.
Furthermore, Mahou is a brand with a strong presence in the online environment, where it has carried out exceptionally successful award-winning campaigns. In this context, any new undertaking presents itself as a strategic and creative challenge.

The Idea

The game concept came completely naturally: by recreating the traditional online football bottle cap game, we were able to merge with the brand, the football territory and sponsorship of the LFP naturally.
To achieve the objectives we needed to develop an application able to attract Facebook users. This could only be done by creating a came with a level of production and interaction, which allows competition from other rival Facebook games.


More than 250,000 players, and the average exposure to the brand amounting to over 90 minutes per player.